What does “mobile friendly” mean for my website??


A mobile friendly website is one that shows correctly and in an easy to use format on smartphones and tablets.

The website will automatically show the site in the best format for the device it is being viewed on if it is mobile friendly.

Is having a mobile friendly website important?

Yes!! For a couple of reasons:

1.   Your Google ranking (how close your website shows to the top of search results) can be improved if your website is mobile friendly. Alternatively, Google also ranks non-mobile friendly websites lower in search results.
2.   More than half of visits to most websites (including Google, arguable the biggest website there is) come from mobile devices, and the number of people accessing websites this way is increasing rapidly. Is it important to you that your website can be viewed easily by as many people as possible?

How do I know if my website is mobile friendly?

Get in touch with us and we’ll run some tests and let you know for free!

My website isn’t mobile friendly – how can I fix it?

Contact us and we can talk through some options with you, all without any cost or obligation.