Social Media is a very powerful tool for your business

…but many business owners don’t have the time or the knowledge to be able to make the most of Social Media to attract new customers to their business.

We can create your social media presence and optimize it to make sure that you get the best possible results.

We can look after the ongoing management of your social media profiles, including posting regular updates. Alternatively, we can teach you how to handle this yourself if you’d like to.

We provide social media marketing services to small businesses in Glen Innes and surrounding areas.

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5 Mistakes That Businesses Make On Social Media

Social Media can be a very effective tool for marketing your small business and engaging with your customers.  However, Social Media can backfire if it isn’t managed well.  Here are the top mistakes to avoid when using Social Media for your small business.

1. Sounding Like A Robot

The people who read your social media posts are real humans, so talk to them like humans!

The businesses who get the best results from social media post in a conversational style, and keep the tone light while still being professional.

2. Not Dealing Well With Negativity

No matter what type of business you have, it is inevitable that you will have an unhappy customer every so often. Maybe there was something your business could have done better, or maybe the customer’s expectations were too high.

Social media allows unhappy customers to post negative reviews of your business – the biggest mistake you can make is to argue. Negative feedback is an opportunity to show that your business cares about the customer’s experience. It is also an opportunity to explain on the review how you will do better in the future (yes, even if you think the negative review is unfair or unwarranted).

Other people can read your reviews, and also your responses. If you come across as argumentative or bitter when responding to a negative review, potential customers might become concerned and look elsewhere.

3. Being Obsessed With How Many Likes Or Followers You Have

The number of followers you have on Twitter, or the number of Likes your Facebook page has is pretty insignificant – getting results from social media comes from engagement.

If you post content that is interesting, relevant to your audience and makes people engage with your profile (by liking posts, commenting or sharing) you will get far better results than you would if you had thousands of followers, but nobody getting involved or interested in what you’ve got to say.

4. Making It All About You

do not make social media all about youSo many business social media profiles seem to only have posts that say things like “come in and buy our product” or “read my new post” or “book an appointment with us now”. These sorts of posts are fine when they are mixed in with different types of posts as well but on their own they don’t give your followers much reason to engage with you.

Nobody clicks “Like” on your Facebook page just to get bombarded with ads every day. Provide your followers with interesting information about your products, industry news or other information that is relevant to keep people engaged.

5. Posting Too Often (Or Not Often Enough)

There is no hard and fast rule about how often you should post on social media. But generally, if you are posting 10 updates every day, you are posting too many.

Just as bad is if you rarely post at all – people come to your social media profile because social media is the best way to get the latest information about you. If your profile is more like a graveyard and hasn’t had any activity in weeks, this can be a turn off for customers and they will look elsewhere.